AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme 2023: Status, apply online, Registration

AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme 2023 (Free Borewell Scheme for Rythu) (Tubewell scheme, Apply Online, Eligibility, Application Form, beneficiary list, Check name, Track status, portal)

Andhra Pradesh government lead by Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has come up with a new scheme called AP Ysr Jala Kala Scheme. The scheme was launched in September, 2020. Under the scheme the government will help the farmers of the state to get rid of water problem. This problem is solved by boring well from where they will get water for farming. The article is going to give an idea about the scheme and entire process of registration under the scheme.

AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme

AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme Launch details

Name of the scheme

AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme

YSR Free Borewell scheme

Date of launch

28th September, 2020

Place of launch

Andhra Pradesh

Launched by

Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy

Target people

Farmers of AP

Official website


Helpline number


Toll free number


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Key features of the AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme –

  • Objective of the scheme– The scheme will provide irrigation as they are dependent on the ground water for farming. Due to the urbanization the ground water level is decreasing and government will dig well for the farmers.
  • Free of cost boring– under the scheme the beneficiary will never have to pay a single penny for drilling well.
  • Total budget– The state government of Andhra Pradesh has allotted 2,340 crore rupees for the scheme.
  • Benefits of the scheme– As per the government, under the scheme 2 lakh wells will be dug for the farmers that too free of cost. The scheme will provide irrigation facility to up to 5 acres of land.
  • Number of benefitted farmers– With the help of the scheme around three lakhs farmers will be benefitted in the state.
  • Geo tagging– Under the scheme the well that were drilled by the government will be geo- tagged. It will help to measure the water level and utilization of water scientifically.
  • Survey for drilling– Before drilling hydrogeological and geographical survey will be conducted by the concerned authority to examine the water level of the ground.
  • Covering area– The scheme will cover 13 districts of the state.
  • Special priority– The farmers belong to the marginal classes and the SC / ST / Women farmers will receive special priority under the scheme.
  • Ease at application– For the sake of the farmers, the application is kept open for both online and offline so that anyone can apply.
  • Second attempt– It may happen that the first well fails to provide water and in that case authority will take second attempt to drill another well.

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Eligibility criteria

  • Resident of AP- In order to be eligible for the scheme you need to domicile of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Land owning– The farmers with 2.5 acres of land and having no well are eligible. If a farmer does not have 2.5 acres of land then a group of farmers can also apply for the scheme by combining their lands.

Required documents

Address proof

You need to provide address proof at the time of application. You can provide ration card, voter ID or Aadhar card.

Identity proof

The candidate needs to show their identity proof and for that you can give Aadhar or voter card.

Caste certificate-

If the applicant to belongs to any marginal caste then he/she has to show caste certificate.

Land documents-

The candidate has to show land documents at the time of application.

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How to apply for the AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme?

  • Step 1- In order to apply for the scheme the candidate has to visit this link
  • Step 2- On the home page you will get the option for ‘launch’ and you need to click on that.
  • Step 3- After that you need to click on ‘apply for borewell’.
  • Step 4- You will be asked to enter Aadhar number and then OTP will be sent to your mobile number and you need to enter the OTP to complete the application.
  • Step 5- After enter the necessary details you need click on the submit button.

How will the scheme work?

  • After the application the application will be verified by the VRO and then it will be forwarded to APD / MPDO.
  • Then a survey will be conducted by a qualified geologist and the survey report will be submitted to the APD / MPDO.
  • After that PD will seek approval from District Collector / JC, Aasara and the contractor.
  • The beneficiary will be notified via SMS with approval each stage
  • After that digital photograph will be taken of the site with the beneficiary once the drilling is finished.
  • To measure the depth of well equipment will be used to measure it.
  • The contractor will be paid once the drilling is successful and water level is seen.
  • Once the drilling is done the construction for irrigation will start and an audit will be conducted at the site.
  • The work will be monitored by the program management unit and the district collector will direct the entire process.

So, it is evident that with the help of the scheme farmers of the state will be immensely benefitted. It will improve their farming and that will eventually improve their financial status and elevate their livelihood. The scheme will take comprehensive steps to help the farmers. It will cover the entire rural area of Andhra Pradesh so that they can overcome with the irrigation issue during the unfavorable seasons.

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Q: What is AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme?

Ans: It is an irrigation scheme under which AP government will drill well for free.

Q: Who are the beneficiaries for AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme?

Ans: The farmers of AP with 2.5 acres of land

Q: Where to apply for AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme?

Ans: ysrjalakala.ap.gov.in and for offline application you can go to village secretariat.

Q: What is the contact detail of AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme?

Ans: mail at ysrjalakala.crd@gmail.com

Q: What is the helpline number of AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme?

Ans: 9121296053

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