Aatmanirbhar Gujarat Scheme 2023: [Registration]

Atmanirbhar Gujarat Schemes 2022  (Benefits, beneficiaries, application form, registration, eligibility criteria, list, status, official website, portal, documents, helpline number, last date, how to apply)

On October 5, 2022, Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel announced ‘The Aatmanirbhar Gujarat Schemes for Assistance To Industries’. This scheme supports the motive of our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make a self-reliant India as he wants to make ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’. The scheme will provide different types of assistance and incentives to the industries and create various employment opportunities by promoting manufacturing in the state. CM Bhupendra Patel is following the footprints of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a mission to make ‘Aatmanirbhar Gujarat to Aatmanirbhar Bharat’. Let us know about Mukhyamantri Atmanirbhar Gujarat Yojana, launched by the Gujarat government.

Atmanirbhar Gujarat Yojana

Atmanirbhar Gujarat Schemes 2022

Name Atmanirbhar Gujarat Yojana 2022
Launched Date October 5, 2022
Launched By Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel           
BeneficiaryPeople of the state
Benefit15 lakh new employment opportunities
Toll-Free Number +91 7923250073 – 74

Atmanirbhar Gujarat Yojana 2022 key features

  • Self-Reliant Gujarat: By launching Atmanirbhar Gujarat Yojana, CM Patel confirms that Gujarat will make itself self-reliant in the employment sector.
  • Boost Local Products: The scheme supports local products in its manufacturing.
  • Attract New Investors: This scheme will attract new investors towards industries by investing Rs 12.50 lakh crore.
  • Under this scheme, MSMEs will get net SGST reimbursement of up to 75 per cent on fixed capital investment over ten years.
  • For micro industries, the capital subsidy is up to Rs 35 lakh and for seven years interest subsidy is up to Rs 35 lakh per annum for MSMEs.
  • Assistance to industries: The scheme helps industries to become part of global supply chains by providing them special assistance.
  • Green Manufacturing Practices: The scheme will encourage industries to adopt green manufacturing practices, thus will help to save the environment.
  • To encourage Entrepreneurs: The scheme will promote Entrepreneurs to fulfil their aims by decreasing the loss of their investments.
  • Development of new manufacturing sectors: The scheme will develop new manufacturing sectors and create new job opportunities. This scheme will create a complete ecosystem of small and big industries and set a global example in the manufacturing sector.
  • Motivate Young People: The scheme will motivate young people to become job creators despite being job seekers.
  • Beneficial for both big and small industries: Aatmanirbhar Gujarat Yojana will benefit every type of industry, from micro, small and medium industries to big enterprises.

For micro, small and medium industries:

  • NET SGST Reimbursement, for ten years, is up to 75% of fixed capital investment
  • Annual interest subsidy to MSMEs up to Rs 35 lakh for seven years
  • No electricity charges are for five years
  • EPF reimbursement for ten years
  • Additional Incentives for entrepreneurs who are young, differently abled and for women entrepreneurs
  • Capital subsidy up to Rs 35 lakh for micro industries

For Big industries:

The development of big industries is as important as that of smaller enterprises. The growth impact of these industries is at a very high level as their development affects the employment sector and the state and national economy. That’s why the scheme will also assist larger industries with smaller industries. Under this scheme, benefits to bigger industries are:

  • EPF reimbursement for ten years
  •  No electricity bills for five years
  • For larger industries, Net SGST reimbursement of up to 75 percent of the fixed capital investment for ten years
  • Bigger enterprises will get 12 percent of fixed capital investment

The Gujarat government also sets Aatmanirbhar Gujarat Scheme for mega industries. The benefits to mega industries under this scheme are as follows:

  • EPF reimbursement for ten years
  •  No electricity bills for five years
  • For mega industries, Net SGST reimbursement of up to 18 percent of the fixed capital investment for twenty years
  • Mega industries will get interest subsidies up to 12 percent of fixed capital investment

The objective of Atmanirbhar Gujarat Yojana 2022

The single purpose of the Gujarat government to launch this scheme is to create employment opportunities for youths and to support the decision of Prime Minister Modi to make India’ Aatmanirbhar Bharat’. This scheme will create 15 lakh new job opportunities and make Gujarat self-reliant in manufacturing. 

Application form:

The application form under this scheme is not yet open, but as soon as the form opens, we will update you. To get early updates on the application form, please stay connected!

Toll Free Number : 

The Toll Free Number is  +91 7923250073 – 74


The Gujarat government takes the best initiative to make Gujarat a self-reliant state. By providing lakhs of employment opportunities, the government will create independent youths and move towards its mission ‘Aatmanirbhar Gujarat to Aatmanirbhar Bharat’.


Q- What is the name of the scheme?

Atmanirbhar Gujarat Yojana

Q- When is the scheme launched?

October 5, 2022

Q- Who launched this scheme?

Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel

Q- What is the benefit of this scheme?

The scheme will provide 15 lakh new employment opportunities.

Q- Who will get benefit from this scheme?

The people of Gujarat.

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