Bed and Breakfast Scheme in Tamil Nadu 2022 for Tourist Spots

Bed & Breakfast Scheme Tamil Nadu 2022 (Benefits, beneficiaries, application form, registration, eligibility criteria, list, status, official website, portal, documents, helpline number, last date, how to apply)

The bed and breakfast scheme has been revived by Tamil Nadu authorities to give it a fresh touch after almost 10 years. It is mainly to improve the level of accommodation in tourist places where hotels are not available. The scheme will help with better economical options in the various tourist spots. Interested property owners can register with suitable property listings to list it as a tourist spot and get approval for accommodation. Read on to know about the additions made in the scheme and how it helps in development of the tourist department of the state.

Bed & Breakfast Scheme Tamil Nadu

Name of the schemeBed & Breakfast Scheme
Target area of schemeTourist spots
Scheme has been launched inTamil Nadu
Scheme will benefitTourism department
Scheme has been launched byTourism minister M Mathiventhan
Financial help approved by governmentRupees 30.99 crore

What are the highlights of the revised scheme in Tamil Nadu?

  1. Registration of properties – The state authorities have come up with guidelines to register properties that would be required for the scheme. However, suitable steps would be taken as has been proposed by tourism minister of state, M Mathiventhan.
  2. Main purpose of scheme – The main reason behind the scheme is revival of scheme for offer economical accommodation to tourists in different destinations where hotel facilities aren’t adequate. It will help to cover up for different tours in tourist destinations 
  3. Property listings –The property owners across Tamil Nadu can apply online to list their property as part of the revised scheme
  4. Help from tourist department – The tourist department is responsible to check the proposed building for the scheme and facilities available before approving it for listing as accommodation option for tourists.
  5. Financial help from state department – The state government has offer rupees 30.99 crores to improve tourist spots like Kolli hills, Jawadhu hills, Yelagiri hills, Mudaliarkuppam, forest, eco-camping sites and some coastal areas
  6. Facilities to offer tourists –Accommodation, boating, parking, and it will be setup at Tenkasi district’s Gundaru dam, Kamaraj sagar dam in Nilgiris, Mudaliarkuppam near Chennai,PirappinValasai in Ramanathapuram district.

Therefore, the effort to promote the chance of tourist arrival and develop the destinations would sync when the visitors start to increase in specific part of the state. In pre-covid time, it was almost 50.11 crore of tourists that went down to 11.54 crores after the covid situation. Therefore, the number Is indicative of the need to improve the tourist destinations and the initiative from the state government department is sure to be an economical one for the tourists and the department as well. The department has set different rules for the adventure, camping sites and caravan tourism.

Which property owners can register as tourist locations?

  • Property owners in Tamil Nadu – The owners across the state can register for the scheme online and list their property as part of scheme
  • Property details – The property listings have been prepared by state tourist department and so, only the above-mentioned districts and spots are eligible to register

The property owners who are willing to list their property should furnish suitable property papers and ensure that it is well maintained to be included in the list of tourist spots.

Documents required for registration under scheme

The property owners should furnish correct property papers to authentic that the place is suitable to be included under the bed and breakfast scheme. It would be scrutinized by tourist department to approve, and only an economical spot would be approved. It should be such that the place can have arrangement for accommodation and others for the tourists. Here the officials would mainly check the building and approve of it.

Registration details under scheme

The scheme is a newly launched one and therefore, the details for online registration is yet to be declared by state government. It is mainly done in favor of tourism department and to improve its condition and make it favorable for the tourists. The property owners should keep an eye in the related official portal and get the details as soon as they come up.

FAQ of the scheme

1. What is the name of the scheme?

Bed and breakfast scheme

2. Which is the target area of scheme?

Tourist spots in Tamil Nadu in post scenario

3. Which department has initiated for scheme?

Tamil Nadu State government

4. How much money has been approved by government?

Rupees 30.99 crore

5. Which is responsible for the approval of tourist spots?

Tourism minister M Mathiventhan

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