Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2022, List, Two Wheeler

Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2021, [List, Two Wheeler, Eligibility Criteria, Online Registration, Official Website,, How to Register, Toll Free Number]  

The Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2021 has been initiated by Delhi CM in collaboration with automobile industry. By introducing the initiative, the state government is trying to improve air quality and offer better scope for the youth in the automobile industry. Read on to know more about other details of the scheme. It helps encourage more to buy the electric vehicles.  

delhi electric vehicles subsidy scheme

Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme Launched Details

Name of the schemeDelhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme 2021
Purpose of portal launchGet subsidy for the electric vehicles
Primary focusAdoption of electric vehicle 
Scheme has been announced byNCT of Delhi 
Portal for
Benefit of schemeHelp reduce air pollution in Delhi 
Number of vehicle implement  Intends for 25% of vehicle introduction running on battery
Subsidy for buyers   Buyers can get the subsidy within three days 
Scheme has been launched byChief Minister Arvind Kejriwal 
Date of scheme launch October, 2020
Subsidy amountRupees 150000
Toll Free NumberNA

Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme Primary Features

  • Beneficiary of scheme – The main purpose of launching the scheme is to encourage the switch from fossil fuel vehicle riders to battery operated ones. 
  • Benefit of the scheme – The state authorities are trying to replace 25% more of battery vehicle with the old ones.
  • Main focus of the scheme – The main idea is to improve the quality of air in Delhi and encourage use of electric vehicles.
  • Purpose of portal launch – The state government has come up with portal launch and invites online application for electric vehicle. The authorities are trying to offer hassle-free procedure to get incentives for the electric vehicle buyers.   
  • Use of electric buses – In the list of electric vehicles, state government is trying their best to introduce the use of electric buses.
  • Amount of subsidy to buyers – Thebuyers would be given subsidy of amount rupees 150000 and it varies depending on the nature of the vehicle. The buyers need to do the down payment of the vehicle and after this, they can apply for the subsidy claim to higher authorities.   

The encouragement to the buyers of vehicle helps to improve the life and quality of air in pollution in Delhi. This is why the state government is contributing to bring in significant change in the automobile industry for the good of common people living in the state. 

How are the Electric Vehicles Run

The electric vehicles run on battery and so, state government is trying to offer affordable power tariff. The government should give subsidy to encourage buyers and reduce the cost required to get the vehicles. This is how the state can improve the quality of air and make the electric vehicles suitable to be used as a mode in public transport.       

Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme Highlights

  1. As per scheme details, government will offer support to original equipment manufacturers or OEM along with Indian teams.
  2. Government is planning to support initiatives such as lower Delhi road tax and introducing charging system for vehicles.
  3. The scheme launch should not impact the combustion vehicle manufacturing team.
  4. Delhi state government has taken initiative for introducing 100 electric bus planning to increase the number in recent times.
  5. The higher authorities are taking special initiative to make India the hub of manufacturing for battery run vehicle and export it. In this regard, the per capital use of the car is low in our country.
  6. The central government is taking initiative to focus on the gaps so that the manufacturing team easily qualify for the scheme benefits.
  7. Government need to include the bus details in the automobile sector.
  8. The auto and the automobile sector contribute to around 7.2% of GDP. In addition, the sectors are trying to generate employment for the youth of the state. The government export contributes to around 25% of the total manufacturing unit.
  9. As per the scheme, buyer owners can get benefit of fuel based vehicle or electric vehicle to minimize the limit of pollution.

However, the Delhi state government is approaching the central government to offer subsidy with technical and financial help to the one who are purchasing the electric vehicles. In this, the Ministry of Road Transport and the Heavy Industries should help the interested ones.     

Who are Eligible for Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme

  • Residential details – The buyer of electric vehicle should be native of Delhi and only then they can opt for the scheme benefit.
  • Vehicle details – The buyer should give suitable details of the electric vehicle they purchase before they are eligible to get the subsidy benefit from the scheme.
  • Not be part of other subsidy schemes – The candidate buying the electric vehicle or bus should not be part of any other scheme in the state.

Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme Eligibility Documents  

  • Bank details – The candidate should furnish suitable bank account details that is linked with Aadhaar to receive the subsidy amount in the account.
  • Identification proof – As suitable identification, one need to furnish Aadhaar card, voter ID card, ration card or equivalent to be checked by MLAs before the candidate is considered eligible.
  • Vehicle papers – The vehicle registration papers are necessary with insurance to consider the owner to get the subsidy as per the scheme details.  

Process of Login for Online Registration

Delhi government is trying their best to involve the electric vehicle manufacturing team to simplify giving away of the electric buses. Moreover, the higher authority is making effort to expand automobiles and auto sector to create better job opportunity, increase the GDP contribution and boost the overall exports in India from this industry. By this, it is sure to help the electric vehicle runners and make it.

What are the steps that vehicle buyers should follow

  • Starting from purchase of electric vehicle to the time of getting the incentive, the state authority would help the buyers.
  • The incentive amount would be credited in the linked bank account of the buyer and it would be conducted online.
  • The buyers would get updates from the portal and they have to produce suitable document to the dealer for the purchase and subsequent subsidy.
  • The verification of the document would be done by MLAs before the buyer is considered to be eligible to enjoy the scheme benefits.   


Q : What is the Delhi Electric Vehicles Subsidy Scheme?

Ans : It is a subsidy scheme aiming to encourage the buyers of electric vehicles to use it more and get subsidy on the same.

Q : What is the main idea of launching the scheme?

Ans : The main purpose of scheme launch is to minimize pollution level.

Q : What is the upper limit of subsidy amount?

Ans : It is rupees 150000 for the buyers.

Q : What is the portal to register online for the scheme?

Ans :

Q : What is the number of vehicle registered in Delhi?

Ans : 85,000 registered electric vehicles and in this, 1,000 are four-wheelers, 4,000 are two-wheelers with rest as e-rickshaws.

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