Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme in Telangana (Crop Loan Waiver Scheme) 2023

Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme in Telangana  (Farmer Crop Loan Waiver Scheme) 2023 [Farmer Beneficiary List, Application Form Download online, Eligibility, Check Loan Status]

The current Chief Minister of Telangana had taken many impressive steps, which boosted the agricultural prosperity. However, more assistance is needed to ensure social and financial safety of agricultural workers. Farmers take loans so that they can improve crop cultivation. However, it becomes rather challenging to pay the loan EMIs on time. The Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme will waive off a certain amount of credit, issued in the mane of selected beneficiaries. The government, under the watchful eyes of the Chief Minister, made specific alterations in the features, eligibility and implementation strategies. This article will shed light on these factors, and other relevant sides of the scheme.

Farmer Crop Loan Waiver Scheme in Telangana

Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme or Crop Loan Waiver Scheme

Name of the schemeRythu Runa Mafi Scheme or Crop Loan Waiver Scheme
Launched inTelangana
Launched byK Chandrashekhar Rao
Date of announcement2018
Implementation date2018 – 2019
Announcement of new guidelines17th March 2020
Target beneficiariesNeedy agricultural workers that took farming credits
Supervised byGovernment of Telangana

Key aspects of the project

  1. Betterment of agricultural workers – Development of the agrarian sector and financial security of farmers are the two primary aims of this welfare project.
  2. Financial respite for borrowers – Lack of financial resources prevents the timely repayment of the farming loans by the borrowers. This scheme will offer the much-needed respite to such needy farmers.
  3. Limit of financial assistance for normal farming loans – Rs, 25,000 has been set as the maximum limit for those agro-workers who have attained standard farming loans.
  4. Other valid farming loan approval plans – The Chief Minister of the state mentioned that applicants, who have received agricultural credits, under short-term plans or gold loan plans, can obtain the loan waiver benefits.
  5. Outstanding credit limit – If the farmer has acquired loan under gold plan or short-term plan, then he can attain a loan waiver, starting from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1 lakh.
  6. Estimated beneficiary count – With the implementation of this project, 5.83 lakh agricultural workers will be benefitted directly.
  7. Selected loan approval institutes – The revised guidelines highlight that nationalized and commercial banks, along with rural and urban banks will be considered valid credit issuance sources. If the farmer has taken a loan from cooperative credit institute, such cases will be considered as well.
  8. Payment mode – The Telangana Agricultural department will collect the beneficiary data list from the Bankers Committees, which will be established in every district. Accordingly, cheque will be issued and the sent to the registered address of the beneficiary.
  9. Implementation technique – The state government has divided the scheme implementation into five phases.
  10. Scheme continuation plans – It is impossible for the authority to implement all the phases within one year. Thus, it has been decided that the official scheme tenure will be four years.
  11. Allocated budget – Rs 1,198 crore will be necessary to make the payment to the beneficiaries, which will apply under the primary scheme implementation phase. Rs 6,225 crore corpus fund has been created to meet the financial expenditures for the implementation of successive phases. However, the total requirement has been estimated to be Rs 24,738 crore.

Details on applicant eligibility

  1. Only for Telangana residents – If the agricultural worker is not a legal and permanent inhabitant of Telangana, then he cannot obtain the scheme advantages.
  2. Only farmers can register – The registered farmers will get the opportunity to apply for this scheme. If farming is a secondary occupation, then he will be barred from becoming a beneficiary.
  3. Category of the agricultural worker – Small, marginal, and medium agricultural workers can get the loan waiver benefits. If the candidate’s name appears in the BPL database, then he will get the perks.
  4. Credit requirements – Loans, applied and issued, before and after April 2014 to December 2018 respectively, will not be consider valid entrees.

Details on the necessary documents

  1. Proof of residence – During online registration, furnishing a digital copy of residential document has been made mandatory.
  2. Personal identification documents – Attaching a digital copy of the applicant’s Aadhar Card will allow the bank officials to carry out background checks.
  3. Certificate from Farmers Association – The Farmers Association Certificate sheds light on the fact that the applicant is a full-time agricultural worker.
  4. BPL certificate – The production of the BPL certificate will ensure that a poor farmer will attain the loan waiver benefits.
  5. Credit documents – The farmers must be able to furnish the credit application and issuance papers. The dates of application and issuance will be mentioned on these papers. It confirms whether an applicant can become a beneficiary.

Information about enrollment form and application process

The revised guidelines do not suggest anything about the enrollment process. Offline application paves the path for various issues. Errors in the process can prevent an eligible candidate from obtaining the scheme perks. Only portal based registration can counter these problems. The IT department of Telangana government is developing a scheme website. The portal can make the registration process easy. The site will contain a digitized application form. It must be filled and submitted online. Thus, the entire process becomes simple and paperless. The state government has not taken the final decision about the launch date of this portal. If you want to learn more about the registration process and scheme portal, then keep your eyes glued to our site.

Beneficiary selection procedure

As mentioned, the Telangana government is yet to launch the official website. When this happens, it will become easy for interested applicants to attain relevant scheme details. However, the Chief Minister mentioned that the digital enrollment forms will be scrutinized by bank officials. If everything is in order, the bank employees will make the preliminary beneficiary list. A different list for each rural area must be drafted for smooth benefit distribution. The banks, along with the government officials will form a Bankers Committee. Every district will have a separate committee. The preliminary draft will be sent to this committee. Once the committee inspects the list, the drafting of the final beneficiary list will begin. This list will go to the state authority for cheque issuance in the names of the beneficiaries.

Check the beneficiary list

It has been mentioned by the Chief Minister of Telangana that the government wants to make the application process easy for the interested and eligible farmers. The authority is interested in a paperless and portal based registration. It will be possible when an authorized portal for Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme is launched. Most scheme portals have separate tabs for checking the status of the application and beneficiary list. This portal is expected to have similar links. The applicants can click on links to activate Application Status Check and Beneficiary List pages. When the candidate enters his credentials, the site can check the database, and highlight the results.

The final preparations, for the beginning of the first phase of benefit distribution, are being made by the government officials of the respective departments. The Chief Minister stated that full cooperation from the banks is necessary for the success of this loan waiver project. The necessary alterations in the guidelines have increased the welfare potential of this scheme.

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