Kalaignarin Anaithu Grama Orunginaintha Velan Valarchi Thittam Tamil Nadu 2023

Tamil Nadu CM Stalin launches flagship agriculture scheme 2023 Kalaignarin Anaithu Grama Orunginaintha Velan Valarchi Thittam 

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin has announced for launch for government’s flagship scheme Kalaignarin Anaithu Grama Orunginaintha Velan Valarchi Thittam. It is aimed at offering better cultivable area for cultivation, improve the water resource, and boost productivity of farmers. It would be implemented to plan almost 12, 525 villages and help them in the coming five years. The details of the same are listed in the following part of the article that shall help the interested farmers to derive its benefits and improve the agricultural sector of the state.    

Kalaignarin Anaithu Grama Orunginaintha Velan Valarchi Thittam Tamil Nadu

Kalaignarin Anaithu Grama Orunginaintha Velan Valarchi Thittam 2023 

Name of the scheme Kalaignarin Anaithu Grama Orunginaintha Velan Valarchi Thittam 
Launched in Tamil Nadu 
Launched by Tamil Nadu CM M K Stalin 
Aim of scheme launch Purpose of scheme launch is to increase land cultivation 
Number of villages to cover up in the scheme 12, 525 village panchayats in five years; 3204 villages in second year 
Objective for scheme launch  Increase the level of cultivation and make it beneficial for farmers and development condition of agricultural land in the state 
Financial help from state rupees 227 crores given in 1997; rupees 300 crore for the second year  

Kalaignarin Anaithu Grama Orunginaintha Velan Valarchi Thittam Scheme Features

  1. Main aim of scheme launch – The aim for the scheme launch is to increase land cultivation and offer better scope of agriculture to the village farmers, bringing in an overall development in the rural areas. By this, state authorities will try to bring in more of fallow lands under cultivation, increase the productivity and augment water resource for the help of the farmers. 
  2. Beneficiaries of the scheme – The rural farmers who are trying their hard to make good earning from agriculture are the main beneficiaries of the scheme.  
  3. Financial assistance given for scheme from state – The scheme will offer rupees 227 crores for first year, whereas, rupees 300 crore for second year to cover up for 3204 villages. 
  4. Total villages the scheme would cover – A total of 12, 525 villages would be benefitted from the scheme over a span of five years.
  5. Scheme has been launched jointly – The scheme has been jointly launched by panchayat raj department and rural development and it would be made self-sufficient at village level. However, migration to urban area would be prevented and help in substantial growth of overall village farming sector. 
  6. Orders given by state CM – The state CM has given orders to farming groups as part of the scheme to dig bore wells, give incentive for the horticultural crops, and fruit bearing work and make it easy for farmers to handle these activities with the finances offered by high state authorities. This can boost the condition of micro irrigation facilities by almost 100% subsidy other than offering agri-clinics and farm pond facilities. 

Therefore, the scheme is to be implemented at a time in the state when rural development became a type of mass movement. The project would mainly focus on development state agriculture conditions. The CM of the state has also asked to take proper care of implementation of the scheme and would offer its further extension for the help of the agricultural department and the farmers of the state. It is further known that the welfare department of the state would give 80% of the funds to the identified villages of the state for overall farming development. However, the order of second phase would start after few months.  

Kalaignarin Anaithu Grama Orunginaintha Velan Valarchi Thittam Scheme Eligibility

  • Farmers of the state – As the scheme has been launched by Tamil Nadu, only the farmers of the state are eligible to register for the scheme 
  • Details farming land – The famers should give details of their farming land to justify that they are suitable to get the scheme benefits
  • Village details – Only the village that isn’t taking benefits from other government-based welfare schemes can register for it

The agricultural farming lands are taken into consideration for the scheme and only the lands suitable for horticultural crops and have plenty of irrigation facilities are eligible to benefit from the scheme. In this, the Adi Dravida farmers would be given 100% subsidy for using drip irrigation, sink well in dry lands, dig farm ponds, and spend for other irrigational facilities, to improve the overall agricultural sector of the state. 

Kalaignarin Anaithu Grama Orunginaintha Velan Valarchi Thittam Scheme Documents

  • Identification details – The farmer should offer suitable identification documents such as voter ID card, Aadhaar card and equivalent in support of their claim. 
  • Land details – The farmer should furnish correct land documents to show that they are eligible to get the financial help and improve the irrigational facilities of the farming lands 
  • Income details – A farmer when applying for the scheme should furnish correct income to justify that the improved farming and cultivation can improve the overall agricultural condition. 

The rural development department of the state would take care of smooth implementation of the scheme. The head of the farming land should furnish correct details of the land to ensure that it doesn’t derive farming benefits from under any government schemes.  

Kalaignarin Anaithu Grama Orunginaintha Velan Valarchi Thittam Scheme Registration Process

As the scheme has just been proposed recently by Tamil Nadu CM, the details on how to apply for the scheme is yet to come up. Soon after its declaration, the beneficiaries interested for the scheme can easily know about it and apply for the same accordingly. 

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Q : What is the purpose of launching the scheme?

Ans : Improve the agricultural overall condition of the state

Q : What is the category of the scheme?

Ans : It is an Agriculture based scheme

Q : How much financial help has been offered by state?

Ans : Rupees 227 crores given in first year and rupees 300 crore for the second year

Q : Who has taken initiative to launch the scheme?

Ans : Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M K Stalin 

Q : What are the total number of villages to be covered under the scheme?

Ans : 12,525 villages within five years

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