[Subsidy] “Kashi Yatra” Scheme Karnataka 2023 [Registration, helpline number]

Karnataka’s Kashi Yatra Scheme 2022 [Eligibility, documents, registration, helpline number, benefits, beneficiaries, list, how to apply, official website, online portal, application form, subsidy, tour package]

The state government of Karnataka has recently launched the “Kashi Yatra” Scheme. “Kashi Yatra” is a thoughtful step by Karnataka for those who want to go for a pilgrimage to Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Uttar Pradesh. The government would be offering cash assistance of Rs 5000 to 30,000 pilgrims. The state government has sanctioned Rs 7 crore for the sake of utilization in this scheme. Let us read more about this newly announced “Kashi Yatra” scheme.

Karnataka's Kashi Yatra Scheme

“Kashi Yatra” Scheme Karnataka 2022

Name of the SchemeKashi Yatra Scheme
Aimoffering cash assistance of Rs 5000 to 30,000 pilgrims
BeneficiariesNative of Karnataka
Fund AllocatedRs 7 Crore

What is Karnataka’s Kashi Yatra Scheme?

The government of Karnataka has recently announced Kashi Yatra Scheme to provide financial assistance to 30,000 pilgrims who wish to visit Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The government will furnish cash assistance of Rs 5000 to each pilgrim. It is notable that the government will be utilizing Rs 7 Crores from the accounts of “Assistance to Manasa Sarovara Pilgrims”. The fund was announced in the budget speech for this financial year. Moreover, the “Kashi Yatra” Scheme would help the pilgrim once in a lifetime.

Features and benefits of the “Kashi Yatra” Scheme

  • “Kashi Yatra” Scheme have been launched by the state government of Karnataka.
  • It is meant to financially assist approximately 30,000 pilgrims with Rs 5,000 to each one of them.
  • This is once in a lifetime opportunity for pilgrims.
  • The government will be utilizing a fund of Rs 7 crores from “Assistance to Manasa Sarovara Pilgrims”.
  • The fund was announced in the budget speech.
  • Those who visited Kashi Vishwanath Temple between 1 April to June 30 can avail the benefit by producing a darshan ticket, and pooja receipt to the Commissioner of the religious endowment department.

Eligibility for “Kashi Yatra” Scheme

  • Natives of Karnataka are eligible.
  • Citizens should be above 18 years of age.
  • A beneficiary who gets benefitted from the scheme once, would not be benefitted again.

Documents Required for “Kashi Yatra” Scheme

  • For Domicile: Voter ID, Aadhar Card/ Ration Card
  • For Age-proof: Voter ID, Aadhar Card.

Application for “Kashi Yatra” Scheme

The application procedure for the “Kashi Yatra” Scheme will soon be declared. The government would also be extending benefits to those who visited the temple between 1 April to 30 June.

The toll-free number for the “Kashi Yatra” Scheme

“Kashi Yatra” Scheme-related toll-free number has not been furnished yet. The government would be giving the details soon.


Q- Who launched Kashi Yatra Scheme?

ANS- Govt of Karnataka

Q- In which year did Kashi Yatra Scheme get launched?

ANS- 2022

Q- What is the toll-free number for Kashi Yatra Scheme?

ANS-Not available yet.

Q- What are the documents required for Kashi Yatra Scheme?

ANS- Voter ID, Aadhar Card/ Ration Card

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