[Rs. 1000] Kerala Abhayakiranam Scheme 2023, Online Application Form

Kerala Abhayakiranam Scheme 2023, Online Application Form, Destitute Widows, Eligibility, Documents, Financial Assistance

The Kerala Abhayakiranam Scheme 2023 has been launched by social justice department in Kerala for the poor and homeless widows. Recently, the state authorities have invited online application for the same and offer financial help to the relatives of the widows. By doing so, the state government is trying to bring some changes in the overall condition of women in the state. Read on to know more about the features and benefits that state government would offer to the beneficiaries of the entitled scheme.

kerala abhayakiranam scheme

Kerala Abhayakiranam Scheme Launch Details

Name of the schemeKerala Abhayakiranam Scheme 2021
Beneficiaries of schemeDestitute Widows in Kerala
Primary focus for scheme launchOffer better live and shelter to widows
Scheme has been launched bySocial Justice Department, Kerala
Portal for schemesjd.kerala.gov.in
Monetary help for widowsRupees 1000 to close relatives of widows
Financial amount sanctioned for schemeRupees 99 lakhs
Mode of applicationOnline
Total beneficiaries in initial stage200 persons
Tollfree NumberNA

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Kerala Abhayakiranam Scheme Primary Features

  • Main objective of scheme launch – The protection of widows and offering financial help in the main focus for the scheme launch.
  • Target group for scheme – The main purpose for scheme launch is to offer suitable monetary assistance for widows to live a safe life.
  • Money sanctioned for scheme – A total of rupees 99 lakh have been sanction by the scheme for the help of the destitute widow in the state.
  • Financial help for widows – Rupees 1000 would be given to the close relatives of the beneficiaries under the scheme.

Kerala Abhayakiranam Scheme Eligibility

  • Age limit – The widow who is above the age of 50 years are eligible to register for the scheme perks.
  • Annual income – The widow’s family annual income should be more than 1 lakh and only then they are register for the above said scheme. 
  • Not part of pension scheme – The candidate who wish to be part of the scheme should be get any help from family or service pension scheme.
  • Not part of other schemes – If widow is part of other schemes via SJD, they should not register for the above said financial scheme.

Kerala Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme : for Youth belonging to poor families in rural areas.

Kerala Abhayakiranam Scheme Documents 

The list of documents is essential to be produced along with application form of the entitled scheme for the widows in Kerala:

  1. Residential details – The widow candidates should be natives of Kerala to be eligible to register for the scheme
  2. Identification proof – As suitable identification, one need to furnish details like Aadhaar card, ID proof, age certificate, or SSLC certificate for suitable scrutiny by higher authority
  3. Bank details – The widow person or person in whose shelter she is staying need to link the bank details with the account to get the financial help in the account
  4. Income and BPL certificate – The candidate should have suitable annual income certificate and BPL certificate to justify their category and prove scheme eligibility
  5. Certificate from village officer – It requires certificate from the village officer to justify that the candidate is a widow and requires protection in form of financial help from the scheme  

Other than this, the candidate should furnish passport photograph to register for the scheme and get a chance to lead a happy and safe life with this financial help.

Kerala Abhayakiranam Scheme Online Application Form 

  1. First, candidates need to visit the official portal.
  2. As the homepage of social justice department shows up, click on ‘scheme’ tab that directs to main menu
  3. Here, you can check the list of schemes available under the state
  4. Click on the concerned scheme for the widows and then click on ‘document’ section
  5. Now, you have to click on application form for the scheme and this would open up the form on the screen
  6. Here, fill it up with suitable details and try to provide correct ones
  7. The form will be available in PDF format and you can download it for your convenience after filling up the form in online mode
  8. The filled in form needs to be verified by higher authority that will approve the form.

Kerala Swasraya Scheme : Financial help for Physically/Mentally Challenged Persons. 

Soon after this, the approved forms of candidates will start to get the financial help to be submitted in the linked bank accounts. This would be given to their relatives who are giving them shelter or arranging for equivalent help. The application with the vital documents should be submitted to District Social Justice Officers. Only after thorough scrutiny by higher authority, the financial assistance should be granted to the candidates.


Q : What is the Abhayakiranam Scheme in Kerala?

Ans : The main purpose of Abhayakiranam Scheme in Kerala is to offer safe and protection to destitute widows in the state. 

Q : Who are the target group under the scheme?

Ans : The homeless and destitute widows

Q : Who are the target group under the scheme?

Ans : The homeless and destitute widows

Q : Who has taken initiative for online application?

Ans : The Social Justice Department in Kerala

Q : How much financial help would be given to candidates?

Ans : Rupees 1000

Q : Will women getting assistance from family pension eligible to get the benefit?

Ans : No, women who are already benefitted under family pension or other schemes are not eligible to get the help.

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