Kerala Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme 2023 [Apply]

Kerala Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme 2023 (Application form, how to apply, Eligibility criteria, List, Documents, Toll free helpline Number, Official Website, Last Date)

The Kerala Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme launched by Kerala CM for helping youth belonging to poor families in rural areas with employment opportunities. The scheme has five different components that will cover up different scheme initiative to help the youth get employment. For this suitable training would be given to both men and women belonging to the poor sections of society. Read on to know about relevant details pertaining to different components of the scheme.   

Kerala Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme 2023

Name of the schemeKerala Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme
Target group of the schemeUnemployed youth in Kerala
Scheme will be launched by Chief Minister PinarayiVijayan
Scheme has been launched inKerala
Number of candidates to benefit from scheme50, 000
Date of scheme launch 27 August 2020

Kerala Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme Benefits

  1. Beneficiaries of scheme – The unemployed youth in Kerala who are in search of jobs will be benefitted from the scheme
  2. Scheme launched by state officials – The scheme will be launched by help of CM and CM Local Employment Assurance Programme or LEAP under the supervision of state government
  3. Main purpose for scheme launch – The main motive to launch the scheme is to offer employment opportunities to the unemployed of the state
  4. Number of people to be benefited from scheme –A total of 50, 000 people will get job opportunities from the scheme
  5. Components of the scheme – Yuva Kerala Project, EDP-K, ARISE, KMEDP, and Connect to work
  6. Monetary allowance for scheme – Rupees 145 crores will be given to rebuild Kerala, along with rupees 20. 50 for successful implementation of the scheme

5 Components- Kerala Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme

Yuva Kerala Project – Skill Training and Employment to Youth

  • Main focus of scheme launch – The main idea of this component is to offer suitable skill training and employment scope to almost 10, 000 youth in Kerala
  • Fund allotment – The state government is offering a total of 60 crores for successful implementation of the scheme
  • Age limit – The youth belonging to poor families of age limit from 18 to 35 years are eligible to apply for the scheme benefits
  • Category of candidates – The youth belonging to differently abled or PH category, scheduled tribes or ST category are eligible to join the scheme details and the age limit is up to 45 years
  • Project plan included in the component – The youth will be given free training for skill, accommodation, travel facilities, uniform, meals, counseling, and tracking for a year  

Connect to Work or C2W – Helps Develop Soft Skills of Youth in Rural Areas

  • Main purpose – The main objective of this component is to help young youth from rural areas to develop soft skills
  • Benefit for youth – In this component, the state officials will give suitable training to youth to help find job offers and connect them to the job market
  • Monetary help for youth – The main idea of the component is to offer monetary assistance of rupees 5 crores for its successful implementation for the youth in rural areas
  • Employment of youth – The main purpose of the scheme is to offer employment to the trained youths and get them connected with recruiters for successful recruitment process. For this, the youth need to furnish suitable document details of qualification, interests and training skills to justify their employment for the organizations

Details of Kerala Entrepreneurship Development Programme

  • Primary focus of scheme launch–The idea of the project launch is for different ventures in different blocks in Kerala
  • Sectors for new ventures – As per the scheme, a total of 16, 800 new ventures will be started that will cover up both agricultural and non-agriculture sectors for the help of unemployed youth 
  • Number of beneficiaries for scheme – A total of 20, 000 people including both men and women are beneficiaries of the scheme
  • Monetary help – The government will give loan help of up to rupees 1 lakh for an individual and rupees 5 lakhs for a group venture and it will be given at 4% interest rate
  • Amount sanction from higher authorities – A total of rupees 70 crores has been sanctioned by EDP-K component for successful implementation of the scheme

Acquiring Resilience and Identity through Sustainable Employment or ARISE

  • Main idea – The main purpose of scheme launch is to offer suitable training pertaining to job to youth and the ones belonging to Kudumbashree workers
  • Sectors of training – The training would be given in 10 sought after sectors for the ease of the unemployed youth and gain better knowledge and develop skills 
  • Target group of scheme – In this scheme launch, the main focus is to help the ones whose family has been hard hit by in Kerala flood
  • Number of beneficiaries of scheme – A total of 10, 000 young women and men will be included in the scheme benefits to offer suitable job opportunities as per the scheme
  • Fund allotment – A total of rupees 10 crores has been sanctioned by higher state authority for the purpose of ARISE project 

Kudumbashree Micro Enterprise Development Programme or KMEDP

  • Number of group under scheme – A total of 3000 individual enterprise along with 2, 000 group enterprise will be offered assistance under the scheme
  • Main idea of scheme launch – Through successful launch of the scheme, the higher authorities are trying to offer financial assistance to start venture for the Kudumbashree works and their families
  • Rate of project amount – The individual enterprise can take up to rupees 2.50 lakh for venture and groups can opt up to rupees 10 lakhs from the scheme

Therefore, suitable training will be given to the youth pertaining to skill required for job and it will be given for free. The enterprise training will be given by Kudumbashree district missions.

Kerala Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme FAQ

1.What do you understand by Kerala Athijeevanam Keraliyam Scheme?

The scheme helps provide employment to 50K people.

2.What are the details of components of the scheme?

Yuva Kerala Project.
Connect to Work.
Entrepreneurship Development Programme.
Acquiring Resilience and Identity through Sustainable Employment.
Kudumbasree Micro Enterprise Development Programme .

3.Who are eligible to apply for Yuva Kerala scheme?

Poor families belonging to 18 to 35 years and for disabled ones, it is up to 45 years of age.

4.What are the benefits offered under the scheme?

Skill training, accommodation, meals, uniform, support during post-placement, free travel, tracking and counseling for a year.

5.Who the beneficiaries are of connect to work component of the project?

50, 000 men and women will get soft skill development.

6.What are the benefits for individual entrepreneurs from KMEDP scheme?

Individual projects – up to rupees 2.50 lakhs and group ventures – up to rupees 10 lakhs.

7.What do you understand by Kudumbasree Micro Enterprise program?

Kudumbashree members along with families will start 3,000 individual enterprises. Other than this, 2,000 group enterprises will be started for which training and support will be given.

8.How many beneficiaries are included in ARISE component?

10,000 young women and men.

9.What do you know by ARISE component of the scheme?

Offer training to youth and Kudumbashree in 10 sectors.

10.How much loan or interest rate will be given for EDP-K beneficiaries?

Interest rate is 4% with rupees 1 lakh for individuals and 5 lakh for group ventures.

 11. Who are eligible to join EDP-K component of Kerala AthijeevanamKeraliyam Scheme?

20,000 men and women.

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