Khela Hobe (Khelashree) Scheme West Bengal 2022 Diwas, Registration form

Khela Hobe (Khelashree) Scheme West Bengal 2022 [Diwas, Registration, Beneficiaries, Eligibility, Documents, Online Registration, Toll free Number]

The slogan ‘Khela Hobe’ came into being since the pre-elections campaign time when TMC party aimed it for BJP. After winning the election, and elected as Chief Minister, she decided to turn the slogan to flagship empowerment scheme aiming for the betterment of youth o West Bengal. The scheme has been launched by CM at Netaji Indoor Stadium aiming to offer financial help to the state clubs or the purpose of sports. Read on to know about the details of the entitled scheme in the following part of the article.

khela hobe scheme west bengal

WB Khela Hobe Scheme 2021

Scheme NameWB Khela Hobe Scheme
ObjectiveYouth empowerment scheme
Target group Young youths of West Bengal
Launched byCM Mamata Banerjee
Khela Hobe Diwas16th August
Financial GrantRupees 5 lakhs
Number of clubs25000 clubs
Scheme launch2021
Scheme launched atNetaji Indoor Stadium
Scheme Name taken fromSlogan Khela Hove in the run up to assembly elections
Official WebsiteNA
Toll free NumberNA

WB Khela Hobe Scheme Features

Target group under scheme –

Young youth in West Bengal to play sports in the state and help it improve. 

Objective of scheme –

The main purpose of scheme launch is to boost sports talent in West Bengal and government will give footballs for encouraging youths play the game better.

Financial help to be offered for scheme –

Rupees 5 lakhs will be given to the clubs for promoting football and help them play in next and higher levels representing the state.

Benefits for the sportsman –

The scheme will help to take football in West Bengal to new heights and help individual learn sportsmanship. Besides, over 1 lakh footballs will be handed over to the football clubs in West Bengal as a result of the scheme.

WB Khela Hobe Scheme Beneficiaries 

  • Sports club that are registered with the state and central government in West Bengal
  • Youth of the state
  • Spots club that are registered with International Football Academy or IFA

Idea Behind Khela Hobe Diwas

The idea of Khela Hobe Diwas rose from the fact of 16 football fans that have died in a stampede during 1980 at Eden gardens. The Khela Hobe Diwas is mainly to dedicate dead sportsman and it would boost the spirit among the youth of the state.  The diwas would be celebrated on 16th August 2021. The CM of the state is trying to encourage the youth of state to progress with the sport and the scheme would be big step in it. In addition to the clubs, refugee handicraft, which is a MSME unit has been part of the scheme plan and would be offered financial help under the scheme.

WB Khela Hobe Scheme Eligibility 

  • Residential Team – As the scheme will be launched by West Bengal CM, only the football teams of various districts of the state are eligible to register for the scheme.
  • Clubs who are into sports – The clubs who has been into playing football tournaments can be part of the scheme and can get financial assistance for the same. 
  • Type of Scheme – It is mainly community development program for the growth and development of football in the state, aiming to take it to new heights.  
  • Children from weaker sections – The financial assistance under the scheme would be offered to the sports club and children belonging to weaker sections of society to encourage them contribute to sports and play football.

WB Khela Hobe Scheme Documents

  • Domicile documents – The football teams registering for the scheme should be of West Bengal origin and teams from other states are not eligible to register for the scheme.
  • Registration of club – Only the registered clubs engaged into playing football tournament are eligible and should furnish suitable documents in support of the claim. 
  • Details of football team – The football team should give details of the members playing and give suitable documents for the same.
  • Sports organizational documents – No non-sports organization are allowed to take part in the scheme and get the benefits and so, the organization should furnish suitable documents.  

WB Khela Hobe Scheme Official Website


WB Khela Hobe Scheme Registration

As the scheme is a newly launched, the process to register under it is yet to come and as soon as it comes up, it will be posted on official portal of the scheme. The beneficiaries can get updated details for the application process of the scheme from the official portal of the scheme. After registration, the team can start playing football, taking it to new heights and improve it in the state and the districts. 

WB Khela Hobe Scheme Toll free Number



Q : What is the meaning of Khela Hobe Scheme ?

Ans : Encourage playing of football in West Bengal. 

Q : What is the objective of Khela Hobe Scheme launch ?

Ans : Boost playing of football by clubs and individual in the state

Q : Who have initiated the Khela Hobe Scheme launch ?

Ans : Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee 

Q : How much would be given to the clubs under the Khela Hobe Scheme ?

Ans : Rupees 5 lakhs to each club

Q : Who are eligible as beneficiaries of Khela Hobe Scheme ?

Ans : Clubs in every state and children belonging to weaker sections

Q : What is the origin of Khela Hobe Scheme slogan ?

Ans : The slogan originated from 2021 assembly elections.

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