Odisha Mukta Scheme 2022 [List, Form]

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The state government of Odisha has launched a scheme called Mukta Scheme. The scheme is also called Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan. The scheme is for providing employment to the poor people of the state. The scheme will ensure that the people in urban area get jobs and this will make sure that people from urban area get the job in future. This is the reason Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik has decided to end the daily wage plan into permanent job plans. The plan was made during the lockdown and here in this article you are going to get details about the scheme.

Odisha Mukta Scheme 2022 Launch details

Name of the schemeOdisha Mukta Scheme
Launched inOdisha
Date of launchApril, 2020
Launched byChief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik
Target peopleUrban people of the state
Website/ PortalNA
Toll free helpline numberNA

Odisha Mukta Scheme Key features

  • Objective of the scheme– The scheme will make sure that the people who are working against daily wage will get proper job. The scheme will generate employment in the state.
  • Beneficiary of the scheme– As per the survey, the scheme will serve 4.5 lakh urban poor families. With the help of the scheme the people in the cities will get a sustainable livelihood.
  • Area coverage– Since it was launched; the scheme is covering 114 local bodies in state. The scheme is covering the labor intensive projects in the cities of Odisha.
  • Budget for the scheme– As per the authority, government has earmarked a provision of 100 crores for the scheme.
  • Progress of the project– Since 9 months with the scheme government has done 6,000 projects in the urban areas. Until now government has spent 70 crore rupees and 13 lakh people have been benefitted.
  • Improvement of the scheme– Recently, government has refurbished the scheme and implemented the plan freshly by calling it Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan.
  • Activities under the scheme- storm water drainage, rainwater harvesting, and green cover increase, sanitation, creation of community centers, and peripheral development around water bodies.
  • Involvement of women– Government is planning to improve the economic condition of the women who are associated with informal works. Authority will make sure that the women self-help group will join the scheme to bring development to the urban slums.
  • Wages of the labors– This is a scheme that is very similar to National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. The wages of the workers will be credited to their bank account.

Components of Odisha Mukta Scheme

Repair of Storm Water Drains

Odisha faces flood during the monsoon as the state experiences heavy rainfall during the rainy season. So prevent flood government has decided to take a step to repair the storm water drainage. With the scheme the urban poor people will be able to conserve the rainwater to prevent flood.

Rainwater Harvesting Structures

To improve the ground water level, government has asked to build a rainwater storage structure in the urban areas. It will restore the ponds and natural water reservoir.

Development of New Water Bodies/ Public Parks / Playgrounds

Depending on the local needs the scheme will develop water body, playgrounds and parks in the urban areas. The developed sites will have basic facilities like drinking water, pavements, light, toilet, garbage bins, etc. To keep the places clean manual cleaning drive will take place often.

Strengthening of Community Organizations Capacities

The scheme will help to strengthen the community organization among the urban poor. It will help to reduce economic issues among them.

Creation of Community Assets

Government has paid attention to build community asset and for that 150 crore rupees have been invested for building Parichaya centres and Mission Shakti Grihas. Government is going to use technology to build a livelihood for the poor people of the state.

Eligibility criteria for Odisha Mukta Scheme

  • Resident of Odisha– In order to apply for the scheme, the people have to the permanent domicile of the state.
  • Financially backward– The candidate has to belong from a financially backward family to get the facility.

Required documents for Odisha Mukta Scheme

  • Address proof- You need to have address proof for applying for the scheme.
  • Identity proof- Every candidate has to have Aadhar card as an ID proof.
  • Bank account– The candidate needs to have personal bank account as the wage will be transferred to the account.

Odisha Mukta Scheme how to apply, form, application, status check

As the scheme was refurbished so the procedure has not been released yet; once it is released you will be informed all.

You need to know that the scheme was inspired by a scheme that was implemented by Madhya Pradesh CM. It will generate 100 days jobs in the state and that will eventually improve the overall economic condition of the state. With the help of the scheme it is believed that state government will be able to eradicate issues among the urban poor.

Odisha Mukta Scheme FAQs

1. What is Odisha Mukta Scheme?

Ans. In this scheme the urban poor will get job.

2. Where is it applied?

Ans. Only in the urban areas

3. Where to apply?

Ans. The process is not disclosed.

4. How much money will be salaried?

Ans. It will depend on the work, and that will be informed after getting the job.

5. Will women get any facility?

Ans. Yes women from poor family will get facility with the self-help group.

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