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Details of Odisha Sumangal Yojana Online Portal launch inter caste marriage registration odisha, Eligibility Criteria, Documents, Incentive, Toll free helpline number,

The Odisha Sumangal Yojana Online Portal has been started by the Odisha government. The main purpose of portal launch is to offer the concept of inter-caste marriage. For this, the state government is planning to give reward and for this, it is important to register online for the portal benefits. It removes problems of social integration and untouchable. The cash reward would be given to the individuals who would be marrying inter castes such as Hindus and Schedule castes. Read on to know more about the benefits of the portal launch.  

Inter caste marriage registration Portal Sumangal Odisha 2021

Name of the portal Odisha Sumangal Yojana Online Portal
Main objective of portal launch Offer financial help when marrying among castes 
Benefit of portal launch Get incentive reward in form of kind or cash 
Official website of the portal sumangal.odisha.gov.in
Beneficiaries of the portal Individuals marrying outside own castes
Portal has been launched by Odisha state government 

Key Features Of Sumangal Portal

  1. Main focus of portal launch – The main idea of portal launch is to promote the idea of inter caste marriage. In addition, it helps to eliminate problems of untouchables and social integration 
  2. Beneficiaries of portal launch – The individuals marrying outside their castes will be financially benefited in the scheme 
  3. Rewards for the scheme – The beneficiaries would be given incentive in form of cash when they marry partners from other castes other their own. 

Benefits of Odisha Sumangal Yojana Online Portal

  • By means of inter caste marriage, it is easy to reduce the problems of caste-prejudices 
  • It helps eliminate problems of untouchables 
  • It helps spread value of equality, liberty, and fraternity in the society 
  • The state government would offer incentive to the beneficiaries of the portal 

Eligibility Criteria for inter caste marriage registration Odisha

  1. Caste details – Candidates who are marrying off between scheduled castes and Hindu among the Hindu community are eligible 
  2. Residential Details – The spouses of different castes should be permanent citizens of the state to be eligible to register for the scheme and enjoy the perks 
  3. Schedule caste candidate – One of the couples should be from scheduled castes under article 341 as per Indian Constitution 
  4. Purpose of reward – The reward would be given from state government to be used for purchase of land, household items or start any business 
  5. Time of financial help – The financial grant for the scheme would be given to individuals when they are marrying the first time. However, there is an exception when bride is a widow and the candidate will not be eligible to get the scheme benefits 
  6. Marriage details – The marriage done after the date of solemnized by the higher state government authorities will be considered eligible to enjoy the scheme benefits 
  7. Incentive for beneficiaries – The incentive is not available for subsequent or second marriage. 

Odisha Inter caste marriage registration Documents

  • Marriage certificate – The marriage certificate signed by higher authority should be furnished at the time of registering for the scheme 
  • Caste certificate – The candidates should produce suitable couple caste certificate to justify that they belong to different castes 
  • Couple Photo – The couple who are applying for the scheme benefits need to furnish suitable couple photo of marriage to justify their eligibility for the scheme perks 
  • Declaration certificate – The declaration certificate need to be furnished at the time of registration for the scheme 
  • Bank Details – The candidates need to furnish suitable passbook under nationalized bank and they can get the financial help in the linked bank account 

Inter Caste Marriage Incentive Award Scheme Registration in Sumangal Portal

You have to follow some of the basic steps when applying via the portal and 

  1. First, you have to visit the official portal at http://www.sumangal.odisha.gov.in/#/login 
  2. As the homepage shows up, you have to click on the ‘Don’t have an account? Register Here; option and then click on the ‘login’ option 
  3. As you click on the click above, it will show up the registration for relating to the scheme 
  4. Soon after this, the form will come up on the screen and here, you have to enter the required details
  5. The vital details to be entered are email ID, password, block city, address, district and then click on the ‘register’ option 
  6. This would complete applying online for the scheme and you can save the application form for suitable future reference  

Details of official launch of the portal 

  1. The Odisha Sumangal portal and Integrated Odisha State scholarship are the two portals launched by the Chief Minister of the state. 
  2. The portal would help the students to register for the scheme who can get the scholarship in an easy way. 
  3. The main idea is to get incentive for inter-caste marriage. 
  4. In this scheme, almost 11 lakh students belonging to scheduled caste, schedule tribe and other backward classes are benefitted from the scheme 
  5. With technological advancement, it is easy to offer transparent and hassle-free service and incentive to the beneficiaries 
  6. The portal would make the process between the higher authority and beneficiary student an easy going one and the interested candidates can get the benefits from the comfort of their homes
  7. Some of the professional programs such as ST and SC department, high education, school and mass education, Skill development 
  8. Scholarship will be directly credited to the linked bank account of the beneficiaries under the scheme 
  9. A total of rupees 2.5 lakh will be given to the beneficiaries after 60 days of applying for the scheme  


1.What is the name of the scheme?

inter caste marriage scheme odisha

2.Who are the beneficiaries of the scheme?

Couples marrying outside own caste 

3.What is the official portal of the scheme?


4.How many students are benefited under the scheme?

6, 00,000 students

5.Who is responsible to launch the scheme?

Odisha government 

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