Punyakoti Dattu Yojana Karnataka 2023, Cow Adoption Scheme [Registration]

Punyakoti Dattu Yojana Karnataka 2023 (Benefits, beneficiaries, application form, registration, eligibility criteria, list, status, official website, portal, documents, helpline number, last date, how to apply)

The government of Karnataka has introduced an ambitious and visionary scheme named ” Punyakoti Dattu Yojana”. It is meant to get launched on 28 July 2022. The government intents to encourage cattle adoption. It has been made clear by Karnataka Animal Husbandry Minister. So let us go through the article to understand more about “Punyakoti Dattu Yojana”.

Punyakoti Dattu Yojana Karnataka Cow Adoption Scheme

Punyakoti Dattu Yojana Karnataka 2023

Name of the schemePunyakoti Dattu Yojana
PurposeTo save the cow population
WebsitePunyakoti Dattu Portal

What is “Punyakoti Dattu Yojana”?

The Animal Husbandry Minister of Karnataka has talked about a cow adoption scheme named ” Punyakoti Dattu Yojana”. The scheme aims for nurturing cattle under cow sheds. It allows public and private organizations to adopt cattle for rearing and nurturing. The ceremony for its introduction would be on 28 July 2022. Under this scheme, 100 government goshalas are getting started. These Goshalas would house crossbred, needy, old, exhausted, diseased cattle who get abandoned by farmers or masters.

Objectives and features of “Punyakoti Dattu Yojana”

  •  ” Punyakoti Dattu Yojana” is meant for sheltering, nurturing, and rearing homeless cattle across the state.
  • ” Punyakoti Dattu Yojana” would be introduced on 28 July.
  • Under ” Punyakoti Dattu Yojana” hundred government goshalas are getting started.
  • In all goshalas domestic, needy, diseased, abandoned cattle would get sheltered.
  • The minister of Animal Husbandry talked about the aim of ” Punyakoti Dattu Yojana”.
  • It would motivate the general public to furnish facilities for cattle residing in goshalas.
  • It would also encourage the general public to contribute to goshalas for making these more viable.
  • One can adopt the cattle by paying an amount of Rs 11000 for each cattle for a year from any of these Goshalas.
  • The general public can donate a sum of atleast Rs 10 to any of the goshalas for infrastructural development.

Beneficiaries for “Punyakoti Dattu Yojana”

” Punyakoti Dattu Yojana” is predominantly focused on the welfare of cattle in the state of Karnataka. It will allow private and public institutes to adopt, feed and shelter the cattle. It is meant to save the population of cows.

Eligibility for “Punyakoti Dattu Yojana”

There are no specific eligibility requirements for people who want to opt for the scheme. Government has decided to take help from private as well as public organizations for the welfare of cattle.

Documents required for “Punyakoti Dattu Yojana”

The government has not decided on any document list for those who are willing to take part in the scheme. The public can easily be a part of this scheme by applying for it through the official portal.

The official website for “Punyakoti Dattu Yojana” 

The government has also introduced an official portal named ” Punyakoti Dattu Portal”. It furnishes necessary details about cowsheds, expenses, cattle, and so on.

Toll-free number for “Punyakoti Dattu Yojana”

The government has yet not announced any details regarding the toll-free number for ” Punyakoti Dattu Yojana”. Hopefully, it furnishes the necessary detail soon.


Q- “Punyakoti Dattu Yojana” is related to which state?

A- Karnataka

Q- When would “Punyakoti Dattu Yojana” get launched?

A- 28 July 2022

Q- What is the purpose of “Punyakoti Dattu Yojana”?

A- To save the cow population

Q- Is there any toll-free number for “Punyakoti Dattu Yojana”?

A- Not yet declared.

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