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Telangana Kanti Velugu Scheme 2023 Essay (Free Eye Check Up Programme, Beneficiaries, Benefits, Eligibility, Documents, Glasses, Apply Online, Helpline Number)  Telangana Kanti Velugu Scheme Free Eye Check up, Last Date

The Kanti Velugu Scheme 2020 has been launched by the Telangana government to offer free eye check-up for the patients. The main idea is to offer universal eye screening tests to treat problems like cataract, refractive error and other eye problems. In this eye testing program, a database will be created where the information pertaining to eye health of the patients will be linked to their Adhaar card. Read on to know more about the details of the entitled scheme that will help to reduce blindness problems in the state. 

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Telangana Kanti Velugu Scheme Overview

Name of the scheme 

Kanti Velugu Scheme 2020 

Beneficiaries of scheme 

Citizens of Telangana 

Objective of scheme launch 

Offer free eye check-up program 

Benefits under the scheme 

Offer spectacles and surgeries for treating eye problems 

Scheme has been launched by 

 Chief Minister KCR 

Number of beneficiaries benefitted till December 2020 

38 lakh beneficiaries 

Beneficiaries given reading glasses 

23,43,642 individuals 

Number of glasses to be given

41, 05, 808

Number of people for primary care

50 lakhs

People to be offered secondary care

3, 31, 178

Total of tertiary care patients

14, 283

Total budget of scheme

106.84 crores among which state will give rupees 84 crores and the rest will be given by National Health Mission

Official PortalNA
Helpline Tollfree Number NA

What are the Features of the Telangana Kanti Velugu Scheme

  1. Main purpose for scheme launch – The objective of scheme launch is to educate people about eye relating problems and get it examined to avoid any serious problems in future 
  2. Beneficiaries of scheme – The 3.50 crores citizens of Telangana are the beneficiaries 
  3. Benefits under the scheme – The main benefit of scheme launch is to offer free eye check-up facility, offer spectacles for free and give provision for surgeries 
  4. Types of surgery scope under scheme – Under the scheme, surgery scope will be given for Glaucoma, retinopathy, corneal problem, cataract and others 
  5. Economic condition – The benefit under the scheme will cover up all citizens of the state irrespective of their social and economic condition

Therefore, by successful launch of the scheme, the state authorities are trying to reduce the scope of eye problems and help one know about the ways of prevention. 

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Telangana Kanti Velugu Scheme Benefits

The eye camps will be set up in different parts of the state and help the citizens offer suitable eye check-up for free. Some of the facilities under the scheme are listed below :

  1. Medical specialists will conduct eye camps and the team will be supervised by medical officers pharmacist, optometrists, ASHA workers and a data entry operator
  2. Every team will be given a vehicle to operate and check-up the patients and it shall have essential drugs, materials. Devices and others service will be available from the vehicle
  3. Camps will be organised as per PHC wise in rural areas in the gram panchayats. However, it will be done ward wise in the urban and GHMC areas
  4. The eye check-up data of each person will be collected electrically and linked with Adhaar card. This shall help to offer follow-up service for surgeries and offer spectacles for free to the patient 

Eligibility Criteria Telangana Kanti Velugu Scheme

  • Residential data- As scheme will come up in Telangana, only the natives of the state can apply to enjoy scheme perks
  • Medical details – The citizens who wish to register for the scheme should bring along medical reports for eye check-up if any

The reports shall help the specialists understand the condition of eye problems and offer the patient suitable help to mitigate the ailment in quick time.

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List of Documents in Telangana Kanti Velugu Scheme

  • Identification details – As identification proof, candidates one should furnish Adhaar card, ration card, voter ID card and equivalent options to justify their residential authority in the state.
  • Residential documents – The domicile documents need to be produced to register for scheme and enjoy the benefit of free eye check-up
  • Medical reports – The candidate should produce suitable medical reports at the time of eye check-up to help the specialists understand the condition of eye and the required treatment in future

Process to Apply Online for The Telangana Kanti Velugu Scheme

As the scheme is yet to be launched, the procedure of registration for the scheme has not been declared by state authorities. The beneficiaries of the scheme will be the first to know about it. For this, they need to keep an eye on the portal pertaining to the scheme. From there, the candidates will get to know about how to register and avail of free eye check-up facilities. 

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Q : What is the name of the scheme ?

Ans : Kanti Velugu Scheme 2020.

Q : Who are the beneficiaries of the scheme ?

Ans : Citizens of Telangana from different social and economic groups.

Q : Who will launch the scheme ?

Ans : Chief Minister KCR.

Q : What is the total number of citizens to be benefitted from the scheme ?

Ans : 3.50 crores.

Q : What is the main idea for scheme launch ?

Ans : Educate citizens about serious eye issues.

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