YSR Aasara Scheme in AP 2022, Application Form

YSR Aasara (Asara) scheme Pathakam in AP 2023 (Eligibility, Loan waiver, Pay off, SHG DWCRA women, Apply Online Form, Status, Last Date, Portal, New Guideline Navaratnalu)

The Andhra Pradesh state government has announced about the YSR Aasara scheme, and it has been scheduled on to be launched September. The purpose of starting the scheme is to pay off the loan amounts of DWCRA women in installments. However, it can be expected to cover up for almost 90 lakhs members by implementing the scheme successfully. It also helps to empower women and improve their financial condition in the state. The following part shall take you through some other vital details relating to the scheme.


YSR Aasara (Asara) Scheme AP 2023 Details

Name of the scheme

YSR Aasara (Asara) scheme

Main objective of the scheme

Women empowerment

Launch date

11th September

Total loan amount

Rupees 27, 169 crores

Loan given by government

Rupees 6792.21 crores

Total number of groups included

9, 33, 180 groups

Benefits for women

Pay off DWCRA and SHG women loans

Official website


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YSR Aasara (Asara) Scheme AP Important Features

Main objective of the scheme –

The main focus of scheme launch is to improve financial condition and empower women in Andhra Pradesh.

Benefits offered by the scheme –

The state government shall pay the loans taken by the women to help them improve their financial condition.

Loan pay off –

The scheme is to pay off the loan amounts of DWCRA women in installments till 11th April, 2019.

Target group of the scheme –

Women belonging to DWCRA (SHG) group in Andhra Pradesh. It shall cover up almost 9, 33, 180 groups of women

Total money to be given by state government –

From 27, 169 crores, the government will be giving rupees 6, 792, 21 crores.

YSR Aasara (Asara) Scheme AP Eligibility

Specific women group –

Only women belonging to the Development of women and children in Rural Areas and SHG groups are eligible to get the scheme benefits.

Income level –

The women who wish to get financial help should not have a high-income limit in their family.

Native residential –

Only the native residents of Andhra Pradesh are eligible to register for the scheme and get the benefits.

Identification –

The candidates need to furnish suitable identification details at the time of registration for the scheme.

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YSR Aasara (Asara) Scheme AP Documents

Residential proof –

The women have to produce a suitable document to justify that they are the native of the state

Identification details –

The candidate should furnish suitable details like Voter ID card, ration card, or Aadhaar card at the registration time.

Income certificate –

In case there is an earning member in the family, women should produce related income certificate to let the higher authorities know about the income limit of the family

DWCRA group –

The women should have suitable proof that they belong to DWCRA group and it should be furnished at the time of registration

YSR Aasara (Asara) Scheme AP Second Phase

CM jagan mohan reddy launched second phase of YSR Aasara Scheme. In this scheme will benefit 78.76 self help group women. Government will remit Rs 6,439 crores in a span of 10 days from October 7 to October 17. Last Year, the state government signed MOUs with Corporations like Amul, Hindustan Unilever etc…but now this year govt. signed with Multinational Companies like Agio – Reliance, Mahindra kheyti, Tanager and Gramera Vikasa Kendram Society etc.

How to Apply for the YSR Aasara Scheme AP

As this is a newly launched scheme, the women can get access to the information from the official portal and so, the steps for the same are listed below.

  1. First, the eligible candidates have to visit nearby bank to apply for the scheme
  2. The YSR Asara scheme will be available at the desk in the bank
  3. Now, they have to fill it up with correct details like name, gender, age, address, Aadhaar card details, mobile number, date of birth, email details, father or husband’s name and the like
  4. Along with the form, the applicants have to attach the list of documents mentioned above and it will be scrutinized by higher authorityand documents should be submitted to the bank officials
  5. After this, the applicants need to produce the acknowledge card to the bank so that the officials can check status under the scheme

Therefore, with the successful implementation of the above-said scheme, it shall help to improve the poverty condition in urban and rural places. It shall help in better productivity and give power to women. So, the state officials are trying their best to make this scheme launch a beneficial one and at the earliest. After the scheme’s launch, it will be easy to improve the condition of women in rural and urban areas.

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Q: What is the YSR Asara scheme?

Ans: Under the scheme state govt is to pay off the loan amounts of DWCRA women in installments.

Q: Who are the beneficiaries of the YSR Aasara scheme?

Ans: DWCRA and SHG women.

Q: How much loan will pay off under YSR Aasara scheme?

Ans: till 11th April loan amount will pay off.

Q: When will launching the YSR Aasara scheme?

Ans: 11th September

Q: What is the total number of beneficiaries for the scheme?

Ans: 90 lakhs members

Q: What is the online process to register?

Ans: No online mode and so, apply through nearest bank

Q: Are widows allowed to get benefits under the scheme if they are not part of any other loan scheme?

Ans: No, first woman has to become part of Dwakara Mahila group and take loan from state government. Only after this, in the following year, the person can opt for loan under the scheme.

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