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AP YSR Free Borewell Scheme for Rythu 2023 (Tubewell scheme, Apply Online, Eligbility, Application Form, beneficiary list, Check status name, portal)

 The YSR government in Andhra Pradesh lead by Jaganmohan Reddy has come up with a scheme called Rythu Bharosa. The scheme was introduced to the people of the state as a welfare scheme for the farmers. The scheme provides numerous benefits to the farmers of the state in various ways. Recently the government came up with the borewell scheme for the farmers of the state during the unfavorable weather condition. To do farming the farmers require ample amount of water and the scheme will provide adequate water irrigation to the farmers. To get the facility in the farmland the farmers need to register for the scheme online. This article is going give you the necessary information regarding the scheme.

AP YSR Free Borewell Scheme

YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme : Check Your name online

YSR free borewell scheme Launch details

Name of the scheme

YSR free borewell scheme

Launched by

Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy

Launched in

Andhra Pradesh

Target people

Farmers of AP

Official site


Helpline numberNot yet

Key features of the YSR free borewell scheme

  • Objective of the scheme– The scheme will provide the farmers an opportunity to bore the well to create a good source of water for farming.
  • Cold storage benefit– Under the same scheme the government will provide cold storage to the farmers of the state so that they can save their crop for future selling.
  • Financial assistance– Under the scheme, the beneficiary farmers will get 13, 500 rupees per year for farming assistance like building cold storage. If needed the beneficiary may get 50, 000 rupees under the scheme.
  • Free borewell– Under the scheme the government will provide free borewell to the beneficiary. It will help the farmers immensely as they do not have to wait for rain anymore.
  • Looking after the productivity– The government of Andhra Pradesh will also look after the agricultural productivity of the beneficiaries to provide further assistance.

Eligibility criteria

  • Farmer by profession- The scheme is only for the farmers and that is the reason applicants need to be farmers by profession.
  • Resident of AP– In order to come under the scheme the applicant has to be the permanent domicile of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Amount of land– As per the rule of the scheme, the applicant must have maximum of 5 acres of land. The Mandal Parishad Development Officer representative will inspect the land to call the applicant eligible.
  • Source of income– According to the rule of scheme, the only source of income has to be farming.
  • Bank account- The applicant must have bank account otherwise money will not be credited.

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Required documents

  • Residential proof- The candidate is asked to provide residential proof during the time of application like ration card, electric bill, etc.
  • Identity proof– The candidate must have ID proof like Aadhar card, voter card, etc.
  • Land document– You need to provide land document that is issued by Mandal Parishad Development Officer.
  • Income proof– You need to show that your only source of income is farming and as per that you need to furnish your document.
  • Contact details– You need to provide contact details like mobile number, and email address (optional).
  • Account details– The candidate needs to provide bank account details in order to complete the application.

How to apply for the YSR free borewell scheme

  • Step 1- To start with application the candidate needs to visit at ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in where you will find the application form that is linked to the discussed scheme.
  • Step 2- You need to click on the link and the form will open.
  • Step 3- You need to fill in the form with accurate information along with contact details.
  • Step 4- Then you need to provide your Aadhar card number and bank account number.
  • Step 5- Once the form is filled in you need to submit the form.

It is clear that the as the application process made online so one can easily apply for the scheme. With the help of the scheme farmers of Andhra Pradesh are expected to be benefitted. The free boring of the well and the financial assistance to build cold storage will help the farmers to cultivate without being worried. The cold storage will help to store the crops for the off-season.

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Q: What is YSR free borewell scheme?

Ans: It is a scheme that offers free drill of well and financial help for cold storage.

Q: How much money will be provided under the scheme?

Ans: Initially from 13,500 rupees to 50, 000 rupees per year.

Q: Who are the beneficiaries?

Ans: The farmers of AP with maximum 5 acres of farm land.

Q: Where to apply for the scheme?

Ans: Visit at ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in

Q: Can I apply off line?

Ans: Yes, for that you need to visit Panchayat Office.

Q: What is the cost of borewell under the scheme?

Ans: It is free from the government.

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