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YSR Law Nestham Scheme AP 2021 [Last Date, Application Form, Apply Online, Eligibility, Documents, Helpline Number, Status, renewal, Website myap.e-pragati.in/]

The YSR Law Nestham Scheme AP has been launched by Andhra Pradesh state government. The main idea of the scheme launch is to offer financial security to the advocates and lawyers of the state. According to the guidelines of the scheme, the beneficiaries will be given monthly grant under the scheme. Read on to know more about other vital details pertaining to the entitled scheme. 

YSR Law Nestham Scheme AP

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YSR Law Nestham Scheme AP Launched Detail

Name of the schemeYSR Law Nestham Scheme
launched inAndhra Pradesh
Announcement Date2019 – 2020
Purpose of launchNational Lawyers Day
Target groupAdvocates and junior lawyers
supervised byAndhra Pradesh Government
Helpline number1100
State portalmyap.e-pragati.in/
Application starts from30th October
launched by Jagan Mohan Reddy
Implementation DateDecember 2019
Last date for application11th November

YSR Law Nestham Scheme AP Highlighting Features

  1. Main purpose of scheme – The main idea of scheme launch is to improve the legal structure of state and help people who are involved with judicial system of the state
  2. Help for legal consultants – By successful launch of the scheme, it shall help the legal consultants including junior lawyers and consultants to avail of benefit of the scheme
  3. Amount for the scheme – A total of rupees 5000 has been granted as part of the scheme and it will be given to the selected beneficiaries under the scheme
  4. Frequency of payment – The beneficiary under the scheme will be given the financial help on the first day of every month
  5. Mode of payment – The selected candidates should have active bank account to be linked with the account and the money will be transferred in the linked account. It will be given through the help of direct benefit transfer option.    

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YSR Law Nestham Scheme Eligibility Criteria  

  • Residents of state – As the scheme has been launched in Andhra Pradesh, only the permanent and legal residents of the state are eligible.
  • Current law practices – In order to attain the scheme benefits, the lawyers including advocates should continue practicing law. 
  • Law graduates – The law graduates are eligible for the scheme who have passed from law firms or equivalent options.  
  • Bar council rules for individuals – Candidates with certificate from state bar council are eligible to get the benefits of the scheme. If he or she is not a member, they are not eligible to register for the scheme.
  • Eligibility of one applicant from one family – As per scheme details, only one junior advocate or lawyer are eligible from one family.
  • Work term for lawyers and advocates – Advocate needs to complete more than 15 years to be eligible for the scheme. For junior lawyers, it is more than at least three years to be eligible for the scheme benefits.
  • Should not have four wheeler – The applicant who are applying for the scheme should not have a four wheeler otherwise they cannot be registered as the beneficiary of the scheme.
  • Age limit for lawyers – The lawyer or advocate should be within 45 years to be eligible for the scheme benefits. 

YSR Law Nestham Scheme Documents List

  • Identification details – Applicants need to furnish suitable identification details like Aadhaar card, voter ID card and the like that will be checked by higher authority before the candidate is considered suitable for the scheme.
  • Residential details – The candidate need to furnish suitable domicile documents to ensure that they are the natives of the country. The documents should have been issued by Andhra Pradesh authority for suitable authentication.
  • Certificate from bar council – Candidate should have suitable certificate that has been approved by the state bar council.
  • Experience details – The candidates need to furnish suitable experience certificate that justifies that the person has 15 years and more of experience and so, suitable to enjoy the scheme benefits. 
  • Age certificate – Though there is no age limit for the junior lawyers, it is necessary for the candidates to furnish suitable age certificate at the time of registration under the scheme.
  • Declaration certificate – The declaration certificate is also necessary to be produced that shall help in quick registration of the candidate for the scheme.
  • Affidavit certificate – The lawyer should have suitable affidavit certificate after a gap of six years and it is necessary for smooth registration of the scheme.

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YSR Law Nestham Scheme Registration Form and Process

  1. Enrolment in the portal – The eligible candidates need to login to the site in order to avail of the benefits. Once the state government launches the portal, it will be updated for the beneficiaries.    
  2. Registration on site – As the applicant visit the main portal, they need to activate the enrolment procedure from the site
  3. Filing up form – It is better to enter correct details on the form for online registration. Even though, it is the digitalized form, it should be correctly filled up to avoid problems of rejection by higher authorities
  4. Attaching documents – Applicant should not forget to attach the photocopy of necessary documents with the application form 
  5. Submission of form – The applicant need to click on the ‘submit’ option after they have filled up the form with correct details
  6. Checking ID of applicants – By doing successful registration, it helps in quick generating ID for the scheme. Try to secure the ID for future use and also checking the application status from the portal

For easy handling of the legal cases in the state, the common people require assistance of state government. This is known to be the first welfare scheme that has been announced by the state government for the benefit of common people. To have suitable financial and social security of the individuals, the scheme will be of immense help for the beneficiaries. The main idea is to pave way for advocates and lawyers who are working for smooth functioning of state judiciary.     


Q : Are the senior lawyers included in the scheme ?

Ans : No.

Q : What is the official portal and application process of the scheme ?

Ans : Though government has announced for the official portal launch, the portal is yet to be launched by the state government relating to the scheme. 

Q : Is there any scope for offline enrolment for scheme ?

Ans : No, only online registration is available.

Q : Is an applicant suitable if he owns a bike ?

Ans : Yes, junior advocates and lawyers having two wheelers are eligible to apply for the scheme.

Q : When is the state government going to implement the scheme ?

Ans : 3rd of December.

Q : What amount will be given to beneficiaries ?

Ans : Rupees 5000.

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